Aluminium Alloys

Aluminum Alloy

Approx Price: Rs 345 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
Aluminium 2014A /2014 Aluminum
Technical Data Sheet
Chemical Composition Limits
Weight%AlSiFeCuMnCrMgNiZnTi+ZrTiOther EachOther Total
2014a AECMARem0.50 - 0.900.50 max3.9 - 5.00.4-1.20.10 max0.2-0.80.1 max0.25 max0.20 max0.15 max0.05 max0.15 max
2014 USARem0.50-1.200.7 max3.9 - 5.00.4 - 1.20.10 max0.2-0.8-0.25 max-0.15 max0.05 max0.15 max

Aluminium Alloy 2014 (2014 A) is a copper based alloy with very high strength together with excellent machining characteristics. Alloy 2014 is commonly used in many aerospace structural applications due to its high strength. Other applications include military vehicles, bridges, weapons manufacture and structural applications.

Typical Mechanical Properties
MaterialTemperDiameter (mm)Tensile Strength min ((N/mm²)Yield Strength (min) (N/mm²)Elongation on 5.65 V (min)
2014 BarT4<2037023011
2014 BarT420-7539025011
2014 BarT475-1503902509
2014 BarT4150-2003702308
2014 BarT651020-754804357
2014 BarT651075-1504654207
2014 BarT6510150-2004353907

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: A92014

Aluminium Alloy 2050

Approx Price: Rs 3,000 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Kilogram
Product Details:
  • Material Grade: 2050
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Type: Plate
  • Shape: Rectangular

We are leading importer , supplier & exporters of Aluminium Alloy 2050.

Aluminium Alloy 7017T6511

Approx Price: Rs 550 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Kilogram
Product Details:
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Surface: Mill Finish
  • Size: 200 to 2000 mm
  • Grade: 7017

Aluminium Alloy  7017T6511 is a heat treatable alloy that age hardens naturally. Alloy 7017 is used in armored vehicles. This material has high Mg and High Zinc

Aluminium Lithium Alloy 8090

Approx Price: Rs 4,554 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kilogram
Product Details:
  • Dimensions (l x b x h): 45 x 1000 x 2000
  • Anodised: No
  • Weight: 100

Aluminum Lithium Alloy 8090 (alloy 8090)

We are highlighting our supply of alloy 8090, a speciality Aluminum Lithium (Al Li) alloy.

Alloy 8090 has many uses including commercial and military aerospace applications, as well as space vehicles including commercial rocketry and satellite applications.

Our Alloy 8090 offers increased fatigue strength, cryogenic durability, high stiffness, reduced ductility, fracture toughness, and resistance to fatigue crack. Composition by weight (percentage) is: 2.5 Li, 0.12 Zr, 1.3 Cu, 0.95 Mg, and 95.13 Al.

Density: 2.55 G/cm

Elastic Modulus: 77 GPa

We have assorted bar stock, rounds, and sheets (meeting AMS 4259) on hand with the ability to create customized orders of additional sizes with reduced lead times for your manufacturing needs.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 080901
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer),D/P,D/A

Aluminum 7010 T6

Approx Price: Rs 500 / Kilometer 
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kilometer
Product Details:
  • Al (Min): 50%-99%
  • Surface Treatment: Anodized,Mill Finished,Polished
  • Grade series: 7000
  • Thickness: Upto140 mm
  • Length: 1250 mm

7010 aluminum is a 7000-series aluminum alloy: the main alloying addition is zinc and it is formulated for primary forming into wrought products. 7010 is the Aluminum Association (AA) designation for this material. In European standards, it will typically be given as EN AW-7010. AlZn6MgCu is the EN chemical designation. A97010 is the UNS number. Additionally, the British Standard (BS) designation is DTD5130
Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

Aluminum Alloy 3003

Approx Price: Rs 260 / Kilogram 
Aluminum Alloy 3003 possesses the same basic characteristics and composition of 1100, with the exception of a greater percentage of manganese added to 3003.

  • Type:Coil, aluminum coil
  • Application:Docoration, Construction
  • Thickness:0.2mm-10mm
  • Width:600mm-2500mm
  • Surface Treatment:Mill Finish, Embossed
  • Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy
  • Standard:ASTM, JIS, GB, EN
  • Stock:aluminum coil ave ready stocks 

Aerospace Aluminum 7050

Approx Price: Rs 654 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
We keep stock of All 7000 series materials in India. Please share your detailed inquiry for quote.

Aluminium 7475 T761 Sheet

Approx Price: Rs 1,144 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
We BHARAT AEROSPACE METALS are Stockiest of Aluminium 7075 Materials in Mumbai, India.

General Characteristics Of Aluminum 7475

Aluminum 7475 offers strength and fracture toughness while resisting fatigue crack propagation. It’s an ideal aircraft alloy appropriate for fuselage skins and bulkheads, and wing parts for commercial, fighter and transport airplanes.

Chemical Composition Of Aluminum 7475

  • Silicon 0.10 max
  • Iron 0.12 max
  • Copper 1.2-1.9
  • Manganese 0.06 max
  • Magnesium 1.9-2.6
  • Chromium 0.18-0.25
  • Zinc 5.2-6.2
  • Titanium 0.06 max
  • Additional impurities 0.5 individual max; 0.15 total max
  • Aluminum balance

Heat Treatment Of Aluminum 7475

  • Strength, fracture toughness optimization
  • Solution treating
  • Aging

Applications Of Aluminum 7475

  • Fuselage parts

· Skins

· Bulkheads

  • Wing components

· Upper and lower skins

· Spars

· Center structures

Corrosion Resistance Of Aluminum 7475

  • Acceptable exfoliation resistance in -T61 and -T651 tempers
  • Comparable or better than other high-strength alloys, including 7075, 7050, and 2024

Workability Of Aluminum 7475

  • Improved forming vs. 7075
  • 7475 sheet offers super plastic forming qualities in some instances
  • Heat treat to standard -T62 or -T762 temper for required corrosion resistance and toughness

Aluminium Alloy 7075

Approx Price: Rs 654 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
7075 is an aluminum alloy with zinc as the primary alloying element. It is strong, with a strength comparable to many steels, and has good fatigue strength and average machinability, but has less resistance to corrosion than many other Al alloys. Due to its high strength, low density, thermal properties and its ability to be highly polished, 7075 is widely used in mold tool manufacture.

Key Words :-Aluminium 7075 T6Aluminium 7075 T651
Aluminium 7075 T6511 BS 2 L95 Alloy 7075-T651 Plate
BS 2 L88 Alloy 7075-T6 Clad Sheet and Strip
BS L160 Alloy 7075-T73511 Bars and Sections
BS L161 Alloy 7075 Forging Stock and Forgings 
BS L162 Alloy 7075 Forging Stock and Forgings 
BS L170 Alloy 7075-T6511 Bars and Sections
DTD 5124 7075 Bars and Sections
AMS 4038 7075-T651 Superseded by AMS 4045
AMS 4039 7075-T651 Superseded by AMS 4049
AMS 4044 7075 -0 Sheet and Plate
AMS 4045 7075-T6 Sheet and T651 Plate
AMS 4046 7075-T6 Alclad one side Sheet, T651 Plate
AMS 4048 7075-T0 Alclad Sheet and Plate
AMS 4049 7075 -T6 Alclad Sheet and T651 Plate
AMS 4078 7075-T351 Plate 
AMS 4122 7075-T6 Cold finished rod, bar, wire
AMS 4123 7075-T651 Cold finished bar, rod 
AMS 4124 7075-T7351 Cold finished bar, rod, wire
AMS 4126 7075-T6 Forgings 
AMS 4131 7075-T74 Forgings
AMS 4139 7075 Forgings (Non-Current)
AMS 4154 7075-T6 Extrusions 
AMS 4166 7075-T73 Extusion
AMS 4167 7075-T73511 Extrusions 
AMS 4168 7075-T6511 Extrusions Unstraightened
AMS 4169 7075-T6511 Extrusions Straightened 
AMS 4174 7075-T73 Flash Welded Rings
QQ-A-250/24 7075-T7651 Plate
QQ-A-250/25 7075 Sheet, clad with7072-T76
QQ-A-250/26 7075 Sheet, clad with7011-T76
QQ-A-367 Alloy 7075-T6 Forgings
AIR 9048.690 7075-T7351 Plate
AIR 9048.700 7075-T7351 Plate
AIR 9048.710 7075-T7351 Plate
AIR 9049
DTD 5124 
Aluminium 7075 materials supply's in form of Round Bars, Sheet, Plates, Flats, Forgings and Rings.Countries We Deliver To :- 

Estonia, Portugal, Oman, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, United Kingdom, Iran, Bhutan, United States, Vietnam, Chile, Iran, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Ireland, Chile, Gabon, Belgium, France, Ecuador, Lebanon, Canada, Namibia, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Angola, Pakistan, Turkey, Philippines, Nigeria, Belarus, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Iraq, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Finland, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, Argentina, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Slovakia, Russia, Gambia, Singapore, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, China, Nigeria, Tibet, Croatia, Kuwait, Poland, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Libya, Romania, Colombia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, South Korea, Macau, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Australia, Qatar, Egypt, Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden, India, Costa Rica, Algeria, Hungary, Serbia, Thailand, Peru

  • Aerospace
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Building & Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Electrical
  • Renewable Energy
  • Mass Transportation

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 7075
  • Port of Dispatch: MUMBAI NHAVA SHEVA

Aluminium 1050 Sheet

Approx Price: Rs 230 / Kilogram 
AA 1050
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BAM1050

Aluminium Alloy 5083

Approx Price: Rs 354 / Kilogram 
Product Details:
  • Shape: Circular
  • Product Type: Rod
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Avaialble Upto 8 Inch Blocks

Key Words: Aluminum 5083-H321; UNS A95083; ISO AlMg4.5Mn; Aluminium 5083-H116; Aluminium 5083-H321; AA5083-H116. We obligated to meet the quality standards .
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: IS54300
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: NHAVA SHEVA

Aluminum 1100 Alloys

Approx Price: Rs 260 / Kilogram(s) 
Aluminum Alloy 1050 (1050A) is a popular grade of Aluminum 1100 (1050A) is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, high ductility and highly reflective finish. Alloy 1050 (1050A) is typically used for chemical process plant equipment, food industry containers, pyrotechnic powder, architectural flashings, lamp reflectors, cable sheathing. When welding Aluminium alloy 1050 to itself or an alloy from the same subgroup the recommended filler wire is 1100. For welding to alloys 5083 and 5086 or alloys from the 7XXX series, the recommended wire is 5356. For other alloys use 4043 filler wire.

Aluminium Alloy 1060 (19600) chemical composition and mechanical properties.This is a relatively low strength, essentially pure aluminum, alloy. It is noted for excellent welding characteristics and formability along with good corrosion resistance. It cannot be hardened by heat treatment.Commonly used in the manufacture of chemical equipment and railroad tank cars.The machinability of AL 1060 is fair to poor, especially in the soft temper conditions. In the harder (cold worked) tempers such as H16 and H18 the machining characteristics are improved. Either carbide or high-speed steel tooling may be used and use of lubricants is recommended, although some cutting may be done dry. AL 1060 may be welded by standard commercial methods. If filler rod is required it should be of AL 1060. A precaution should be noted for the use of resistance welding as by this method some trial and error experimentation may be required to obtain good results.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 19500

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Approx Price: Rs 270 / Kilogram 
6061 Aluminum Alloy??is an Aluminium-Silicon alloy and the most versatile of the heat-treatable alloys. The alloy is typically used in heavy-duty structures. It is a medium to high strength heat treatable material with very good corrosion resistance and medium fatigue strength.6061 in the annealed condition offers excellent weldability and formability and is readily disposed to furnace brazing.

  • Grade: ASTM
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Surface: Flat and Bright
  • Sample: Available
  • Size: As per Requirement

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BAM6061

Aluminum Alloy 6101 Bar

Approx Price: Rs 234 / Kilogram 


  • Brand: Bharat Aerospace Metals
  • Single Piece Length: 36 meter,18 meter,6 meter,>36 meter,3 meter
  • Size: 5 TO 500MM DIA
  • Usage: Construction

AW 6061T6
EN 6061 T6
AA 6061 T651
UNS A96061
AD-33 (Russia)
UNS A96061
Aluminum 6061-T651
AD-33 (Russia)

The alloy EN AW-6061 is a high strength alloy for highly loaded structural applications. Typical applications are scaffolding elements, rail coach parts, containers, machine building and aerospace parts. This alloy is equivalent to EN AW- 6082, however due to its higher Cu-content, the corrosion resistance is somewhat lower.

Aluminum Alloy 6082

Approx Price: Rs 250 / Kilogram 
Product Details:
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Product type: Alloy
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Grade: L168 - 2014A
  • Color: Dark grey

Aluminum alloy L168 - 2014A is a very high mechanical strength alloy used for critical applications and is the most widely used aluminium bar alloy in the aerospace industry.
It has very good machinability and is thus used for the production of complex machined parts.


Aluminum alloy BS L168 - 2014A has similarities to the following standard designations and specificationsbut may not be a direct equivalent:

2014, AMS4121


The most common tempers for L168 - 2014A aluminum are:

  • T6 - Solution heat treated and artificially aged
  • T6510 - Solution heat treated and stress-relieved by stretching then artificially aged with no straightening after aging - Equivalent to T4 condition
  • T6511 - Solution heat treated and stress-relieved by stretching then artificially aged with minor straightening after aging - Equivalent to T4 condition

L168-2014A aluminum is supplied in Bar, Rod and Extruded Sections.

  • Bar
  • Extrusions

Aluminum 6061 T651

Approx Price: Rs 250 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram

Aluminum Alloy 6061, sheet, bar, rod, plate, wire, tube, extrusions.

Similar Specifications:

British Standard H20, HE20, HP20, HS20

L118 T6 Tube Hydraulically Tested

AMS 4009 6061T0 Foil

AMS 4021 AlClad 6061 T0 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4022 AlClad 6061 T4 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4023 AlClad 6061 T6 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4025 6061 T0 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4026 6061 T4 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4027 6061 T6 Temper Sheet and Plate

AMS 4053 6061 T651 Plate

AMS 4079 6061 T0 Drawn Tube, Special Tolerances

AMS 4080 6061 T0 Drawn Tube Drawn Tube

AMS 4081 6061 T4 Drawn Hydraulic Tube

AMS 4082 6061 T6 Drawn Tube

AMS 4083 6061 T6 Drawn Hydraulic Tube

AMS 4113 6061 T6 Structural Shapes

AMS 4115 6061 T0 Rolled, Drawn or Cold Finish Wire Rod and Bar

AMS 4117 6061 T6 Rolled, Drawn or Cold Finish Wire Rod and Bar

AMS 4129 6061 T651 Rolled or Cold Finish Rod and Bar

AMS 4146 6061T4 Forgings QQ-A-367

AMS 4150 6061 T6 Extruded Wire Rod and Bar Shapes and Tube

AMS 4160 6061T0 Extrusion ASTM B221

AMS 4161 6061T4 Extrusion ASTM B221

AMS 4173 6061 T651 Extruded Wire Rod and Bar Shapes and Tube

MIL-T-7081 Hydraulic Tube

WW-T-700/6 Drawn Tube. Seamless

QQ-A-200/8 Extruded Bar, Rod, Shapes and Tube

QQ-A-200/16 Extruded Structural Shapes

QQ-A-225/8 Rolled, Drawn or Cold Finished Wire, Rod, Bar and Special shapes

QQ-A-250/11 Sheet and Plate

French A-GSUC

Germany 3.3211 AlMgSiCu

Spanish L-3453

Additional Information:
  • Port of Dispatch: nhava sheva

Aluminum Alloy 2024 T3511

Approx Price: Rs 524 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kilogram
Product Details:
  • Shape: Bars And Blocks
  • Material Grade: 2024 T3511

Aluminum Alloy 2024 possessing both high strength and great fatigue resistance, finds excellent usage in parts and structures where a high strength-to-weight ratio is desirable. It is a heat treatable alloy, and use in this condition is recommended.

A Zr + Ti limit of 0.20 percent maximum may be used with this alloy designation for extruded and forged products only, but only when the supplier or producer and the purchaser have mutually so agreed. Agreement may be indicated, for example, by reference to a standard, by letter, by order note, or other means which allow the Zr + Ti limit.
Aluminum content reported is calculated as remainder.
Composition information provided by the Aluminum Association and is not for design.

Key Words: Aluminium 2024-T351; AA2024-T351, Aluminium 2024-T4; UNS A92024; ISO AlCu4Mg1; NF A-U4G1 (France); DIN AlCuMg2; AA2024-T4, ASME SB211; CSA CG42 (Canada)

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 2024
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit)
  • Port of Dispatch: NHAVA SHEVA

Aluminum Alloy 5052

Approx Price: Rs 250 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Kilogram
Being a famous business entity of the market, we are included in manufacturing, exporting, importing& supplying an all-enveloping scope of Aluminum Alloy 5052 for our esteemed clients all across the nation. Our offered alloy is made up of high quality aluminum & other allied material with the latest technology. 


  • Surface Treatment: mill finish
  • Type: aluminium sheet/plate
  • Application: Aircraft, boat, automobile, train, Building wall, roofing, generator
  • Size: According to the drawing provided by customers


  • Dimensionally correct
  • Heat resistance
  • Highly durable

7075 Aluminium

Approx Price: Rs 654 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Kilogram
Product Details:
  • Thickness: 3-300mm
  • Type: Plate
  • Anodised: Yes
  • Material: Aluminium

  • AMS 4044
  • AMS 4045
  • AMS 4049
  • AMS 4131
  • AMS 4147
  • AMS 4154
  • AMS 4323
  • ASTM B209
  • ASTM B210
  • ASTM B211
  • ASTM B221
  • ASTM B241
  • ASTM B247
  • ASTM B316
  • ASTM B468
  • DMS 2233
  • MIL A-12545
  • MIL A-22771
  • MIL F-18280
  • MIL F-5509
  • QQ A-200/11
  • QQ A-200/15
  • QQ A-225/9
  • QQ A-250/13
  • QQ A-250/24
  • QQ A-367
  • QQ A-430
  • QQ WW-T-700/7
  • SAE J454
  • UNS A97075

Aluminum Alloy 7475-t751

Approx Price: Rs 550 / Kilogram(s) 

Aluminum Alloy 2017a

Approx Price: Rs 550 / Kilogram(s) 

Like 2011, this is also a general-purpose alloy for automatic screw machine work. It is stronger than 2011, but harder to machine and does not have the fine chip associated with 2011. It is recommended for heavy-duty parts because of its high strength. Workability is fair, with ductility and formability considered better that 2014. Arc and resistance weldability are satisfactory. Corrosion resistance is fair. It is used for rivets, fasteners and aircraft components.

Technical Data Sheet
Chemical Composition Limits
Weight%AlSiFeCuMnMgCrZnTiOthers EachOther Total
2017 USARem0.20-0.80.7 max3.5-4.50.40-1.00.40-0.80.10 max0.25 max0.15 max0.05 max0.15 max
Weight%AlSiFeCuMnMgCrZnZr + TiOthers EachOther Total
2017A EAARem0.20-0.80.7 max3.5-4.50.40-1.00.40-1.00.10 max0.25 max0.25 max0.05 max0.15 max

Aluminium Alloy 2017 (2017 A) has high strength with excellent fatigue strength. Alloy 2017 also has very good machining characteristics. It is suitable for welding only by resistance welding. Alloy 2017 (2017 A) is used for various applications from high strength structural components, aircraft, machine construction, military equipment, rivets.

Aluminum Plate 6063

Approx Price: Rs 650 / Kilogram(s) 
We are able to supply Aluminium Plate 6063 with the vast support of our team.

DTD 5124 Aluminum Alloy

Approx Price: Rs 654 / Kilogram 
Product Details:
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Shape: Round bar
  • Anodised: Yes

Aluminum Alloy 7075 7075 T6 7075 T651 7075 T6511 7075 T652 7075 T7351 7075 T7651 7075 T752 AMS 4044 ASTM B209 ASTM B468 QQ A-200/15 AMS 4045 ASTM B210 DMS 2233 QQ A-225/9 AMS 4049 ASTM B211 MIL A-12545 QQ A-250/13 AMS 4131 ASTM B221 MIL A-22771 QQ A-250/24 AMS 4147 ASTM B241 MIL F-18280 QQ A-367 AMS 4154 ASTM B247 MIL F-5509 QQ A-430 AMS 4323 ASTM B316 QQ A-200/11 QQ WW-T-700/7 SAE J454
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