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Alloy 925

Approx Price: Rs 1,700 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
Alloy 925 is an age hardenable nickel based alloy that contains chromium and iron. Its composition offers a high level of strength and corrosion resistance. Often sold as Inconel 925, it is known for a number of different unique properties.

Aluminum Alloy 3003

Approx Price: Rs 260 / Kilogram 
Aluminum Alloy 3003 possesses the same basic characteristics and composition of 1100, with the exception of a greater percentage of manganese added to 3003.

  • Type:Coil, aluminum coil
  • Application:Docoration, Construction
  • Thickness:0.2mm-10mm
  • Width:600mm-2500mm
  • Surface Treatment:Mill Finish, Embossed
  • Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy
  • Standard:ASTM, JIS, GB, EN
  • Stock:aluminum coil ave ready stocks 

BS 970 Steel For Case Hardening And Austenitic Steel

Approx Price: Rs 200 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
BS 970 specifies requirements for carbon and carbon manganese, alloy, free-cutting and stainless steels normally supplied in the bright cold finished condition. It is only applicable to steels supplied in straight lengths. We can supply BS 970 materials in below designation. BS 970 for Carbon and Carbon Manganese Alloys BS 970 GRADE 230M07 BS 970 GRADE 216M36 BS 970 GRADE 212A42 BS 970 GRADE 226M44 BS 970 GRADE 080A15 BS 970 GRADE 080M15 BS 970 GRADE 070M20 BS 970 GRADE 080A30 BS 970 GRADE 080M30 BS 970 GRADE 080M40 BS 970 GRADE 080A42 BS 970 GRADE 080A47 BS 970 GRADE 080M50 BS 970 GRADE 070M55 BS 970 GRADE 150M19 BS 970 GRADE 150M36 BS 970 FOR CASE HARDENING STEELS BS 970 GRADE 045A10 BS 970 GRADE 045A15 BS 970 GRADE 080M15 BS 970 GRADE 210M15 BS 970 GRADE 635M15 BS 970 GRADE 637M17 BS 970 GRADE 655M13 BS 970 GRADE 665M17 BS 970 GRADE 805M17 BS 970 GRADE 805M20 BS 970 GRADE 815M17 BS 970 GRADE 820M17 BS 970 GRADE 822M17 BS 970 GRADE 835M15 BS 970 GRADE 530M40 BS 970 GRADE 605M36 BS 970 GRADE 606M36 BS 970 GRADE 708M40 BS 970 GRADE 709M40 BS 970 GRADE 722M24 BS 970 GRADE 817M40 BS 970 GRADE 826M31 BS 970 GRADE 826M40 BS 970 GRADE 945M38 BS 970 FOR FERRITIC AND MARTENSITIC AND HEAT RESISTING STEEL BS 970 GRADE 403S17 BS 970 GRADE 430S17 BS 970 GRADE 410S21 BS 970 GRADE 416S21 BS 970 GRADE 416S29 BS 970 GRADE 416S37 BS 970 GRADE 416S41 BS 970 GRADE 420S29 BS 970 GRADE 420S37 BS 970 GRADE 431S29 BS 970 FOR AUSTENITIC STEEL BS 970 GRADE 302S31 BS 970 GRADE 304S11 BS 970 GRADE 304S15 BS 970 GRADE 304S31 BS 970 GRADE 321S31 BS 970 GRADE 347S31 BS 970 GRADE 316S11 BS 970 GRADE 316S13 BS 970 GRADE 316S31 BS 970 GRADE 316S33 BS 970 GRADE 320S31 BS 970 GRADE 310S31 BS 970 GRADE 303S31 BS 970 GRADE 303S42 BS 970 GRADE 325S31

  • Standard:AISI, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB, JIS
  • Wire Gauge:0.1mm-20mm
  • Length:no limited
  • Application:chemical, shipping,architecture,household products
  • Certification:ISO
  • C Content (%):standard level
  • Si Content (%):standard level
  • tiny diameter ss wire:stainless steel 

EN1A and EN1A Leaded Bars

Approx Price: Rs 70 / Kilogram 
  • Dimensions:Customized
  • Technique:Cold Drawn
  • Application:Machining
  • Alloy Or Not:Non-alloy
  • Type:Carbon Steel Bar
BS970: 1955 EN1A BS970/PD970: 1970 onwards: 230M07, 220M07 Werkstoff no.: 1.0715 US Grades: SAE (AISI): 1213, 1215 EN1A is a low carbon-manganese free cutting steel suitable for machining using both automatic and CNC machines. EN1A is used for turned components, such as nuts, bolts, studs and hydraulic fittings. EN1A, also known as 230M07, can be case hardened to produce components with enhanced wear resistance. EN1A can also be supplied in a leaded grade, EN1A Pb, 230M07pb.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BAM-EN1A

EN30B Alloy Steel

Approx Price: Rs 350 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
We BHARAT AEROSPACE METALS can manufacture, Supply, Export Materials Grade EN30B as Per BS 970 835M30 and DIN 1.6747.

  • Steel Grade:EN 30B
  • Standard:DIN
  • Dimensions:1mm-2000mm
  • Technique:Hot Rolled
  • Application:Low temperature
  • Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy
  • Type:alloy steel
  • Application Construction

IS 5517:1993 Steel Bars

Approx Price: Rs 100 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
We can Supply Below Grade Materials from our stock. We Mazor supply materials in Solid Bars form only. Find below range of grades we can supply.

IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 30C8
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 35C8
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40C8
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 45C8
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 50C8
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 55C8
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40C10S18
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40C15S12
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 20C15
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 27C15
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 37C15
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 35Mn6Mo3
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 35Mn6Mo4
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 37Mn5Si5
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 42Cr6V1
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 45CrSi9
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 46V1S3
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 58Cr4V1
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 58Cr4V2
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 55Cr3
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 55Si6Cr3
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40Cr4
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 42Cr4Mo2
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 15Cr15Mo6
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 25Cr15Mo6
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40Cr13Mo10V2
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40Cr7Al10Mo2
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40Ni40
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 35Ni5Cr2
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 30Ni13Cr5
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40Ni6Cr4Mo2
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40Ni6Cr4Mo3
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 31Ni10Cr3Mo6
IS 5517:1993 Steel Designation 40Ni10Cr3Mo6.


  • Material : AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS, Other Grade:
  • Thickness:0.15-180mm
  • Type:Sheet,Plate,stainless steel sheet/plate
  • Technique:Cold Rolled, Cold Drawn, Hot Rolled
  • Surface Treatment:BA, No.1,No.4,HL,No.8,Mirror etc
  • Application:Industry,construction,decoration, Auto Parts,Kitchen appliances,door,
  • Special Use:High-strength Steel Plate

P20 Steel Plate / 1.2311 Mold Steel

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
P20 tool steel differs from area to area in the different countries.Europeans generally use the DIN spec-DIN EN ISO 4957 standard materials (1.2311 and 1.2312), while in Japan steel industry standard, PX5 is the new standard P20. And the Americas Countries, Grade steel P20 is the most and wide used steel grade material. In China, 3CrM2Mo is the P20 steel grade equivalent, which is in the standard GB/T 1299 tool steel specification. AISI P20 tool steels are nitrided or carburized. These P20 mold steel materials steels are capable of being machined into complex and large dies and molds. Material P20 steel plate and round bars are mostly used in the carburized condition. The presence of chromium and nickel enhances the toughness and hardness of mold steel P20 grade material.
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